Then-candidate Doug Jones takes a picture with a voter in Bessemer, Alabama.

Then-candidate Doug Jones takes a picture with a voter in Bessemer, Alabama.

Grassroots organizers in Alabama say backlash from Donald Trump’s presidential victory in 2016 has created a renaissance within Alabama’s Democratic Party.

Senator Doug Jones and a group of reformists recently ousted the longtime state party leadership And the Democratic National Committee is getting involved, hoping to flip more state seats from red to blue.

Here’s more from 1A Across America’s James Morrison:

In Alabama, Pat Siano with Organize Alabama says President Trump’s victory in 2016, coupled with activist movements like Black Lives Matter and the March for Our Lives, is reinvigorating progressives.

Activists, she says, are creating stronger political networks, funding streams and a new slate of younger, more energized candidates in the South, she adds.

“We think in terms of ‘Before Trump’ and ‘After Trump’ here in Alabama,” says Siano. “Consciousness took a big leap forward after Trump got elected about what we need to do in the long haul.”

Are these changes wishful thinking by Alabama Democrats? Or could this be the beginning of a new blue Alabama?

In this 1A Across America conversation, we look at whether Republicans are losing their grip on the one-party South.

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  • Cara McClure Organizer, Black Voters Matter, former statewide Democratic candidate in Alabama; @iamcaramcclure
  • Howard Franklin Democratic strategist, Ohio River South; @iruncampaigns
  • Andrew Yeager Morning Edition host and reporter, WBHM in Birmingham, Alabama; @andsygr
  • David Axelrod Director, Institute of Politics at the University of Chicago; former senior adviser to President Obama; author of "Believer: My Forty Years in Politics"

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