Comedian Larry David performs onstage in 2010.

Comedian Larry David performs onstage in 2010.

American comedy is Jewish comedy.

Jewish comedians were dominant in the early years of stand-up. They shaped the style, tone and cadence of joke-telling that continues to this day. Their legacy can be seen in comedy clubs, sitcoms, movies and daily life.

But while American Jews shaped comedy … did comedy shape American Judaism?

In his new book, “Jewish Comedy: A Serious History,” author Jeremy Dauber looks at how religion, persecution and assimilation affected the pioneers and practitioners of American comedy, and how comedians shaped Jewish identity in the United States.


  • Jeremy Dauber Author, "Jewish Comedy: A Serious History"; @jeremydauber

Comedy Clips From The Show

There’s a practically endless list of clips and bits we could include here. But these are a few favorites mentioned on the show or in Dauber’s book.

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