Beyond Mother’s Day: A Series From 1A

Did you send your mom one?

Did you send your mom one?

Once Mother’s Day celebrations end, a lot of moms face challenges that cards and candy cannot solve.

Parenting can cost women in the workplace wages and opportunities.

In the U.S., we tend to focus more on the baby than the mom once a child is born, leaving lots of women feeling helpless in their post-partum lives.

And maternal mortality rates are highest in America compared to other developed nations like Canada and the U.K.

We’ll explore these and other issues in this series. You can follow along with the shows here:

The series covers a lot. But we’re only scratching the surface. We know there is much more to talk about. And we’ll continue these discussions … with your help. What were you hoping to hear in our Beyond Mother’s Day series that we missed? What questions do you still have? Let us know using this form. We’ll collect some of the best, ask folks to vote on which they’d most like to hear and bring it to you soon on 1A.