Ask 1A

Your voice is a crucial part of 1A. Throughout the show, we feature comments from listeners who call or write to us. If you’re listening to the show and want to join the conversation, then by all means:

If you want to know what we’re planning, our shows page is updated daily, or you can text 1A to 1-833-200-2111 to get a few messages a week on what we’re planning (standard message rates may apply, and you can text STOP any time to end the messages). If you have something to say about an upcoming topic, send us a text or tweet, or give us a call.

We’re also always looking for ideas for shows. If you have an idea, or even if you just have a question you’d like 1A to try to answer, please let us know. But, before you send, please keep in mind that we get a ton of pitches. To make yours stand out…